January 2



By Cindy

January 2, 2016

Conferences, SPTS TCC

It’s been one month since the Sports Physical Therapy Section’s (SPTS) Team Concept Conference (TCC).  And as I’ve been preparing for the holidays and the New Year, I’ve been thinking about the conference a LOT and that says a lot.  The atmosphere when you come to this conference is very intimate, and everyone seems to know everyone else.  It’s been described as one big happy family.  There’s only one other conference that I’ve been to that has the same feel.  (I’ll write more about that one another time).

This is the first SPTS TCC that I’ve been to.  I’ve been wanting to come for years, but the timing was just never quite right before 2015.  I’m so glad I made the effort to attend last month, and I was able to attend with a colleague of mine which made it extra special.  You can read about her experience soon on FitPT.

Because this was our (my colleague and my) first conference, we were eligible for “Teammates”.  We attended a lunch with a seasoned SPTS member who introduced us to other members and had a chance to learn more about the Section and what the Section does.  This was a great networking opportunity and I highly recommend you sign up for it if it’s your first time at the conference.

Another reason I find this conference amazing is that every session was relevant to what I do as a PT at my current location and I could immediately apply what was discussed on Monday.  Other weekend continuing education classes that I’ve attended felt like I wanted to apply the techniques or concepts immediately but were not quite applicable to all my patients.

Topics included running and baseball/throwing, as well as the hips, knees, and shoulder.  This year they even had sessions on the spine.  References to chronic pain literature was also incorporated in their talks.  Because I’m not well versed in pain sciences, I found the discussion on pain sciences in the athletes profound!

I’m so excited about this conference, that I’ve already asked work for the time off to attend this year’s (2016’s) SPTS TCC from December 1-3 at Planet Hollywood. This year’s conference is combined with The International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT).

And by the way, if you want some great clinical pearls search for #TCC2015.

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