November 13


First Hike Together … Sort Of

By Cindy

November 13, 2015


Last Saturday, my husband and I went on our first hike together locally ever.  We’ve been together for over 7 years and have never hiked around home together.  We’ve gone hiking in Tahoe, Sonora and probably a few other areas that are “far away” together, but never in our “backyard”.  How interesting…

Anyways, Friday night I thought we would go to Mission Peak in Fremont, but when I woke up this morning the CSCS in me thought that would be a bad idea.  You ask why?  The biggest reason is because neither my husband nor I have been hiking in a very long time, and Mission Peak can be a tough hike.  So I decided it would be smarter to start on an easier trail, and train a little bit for Mission Peak.

It turned into a really good hike.  We did part of the Los Gatos Creek Trail, and went from Downtown Los Gatos to the Lexington Reservoir and back again.  I’ve done this trail several times before but never all the way to the reservoir and back.  It turned into a 2 hour hike/walk, and my Polar Loop registered 10,800 steps.  Woohoo! Hit the 10,000 step mark by 10 AM that day.

The hike started out really cold as you can see.


And 10 minutes later in the shade it got even colder.


Lexington Reservoir hikeBut then ended up at the Reservoir with an amazing peaceful and serene view.

The hike, and all the cleaning I did afterwards, and ending the day with over 13,000 steps, made my back sore by the end of the day.  So, just like anything else, work up to it and do little steps towards your big goal.

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