November 4


Weekend workout a few weeks ago

By Cindy

November 4, 2015

Workout Wednesdays

My workout this weekend had me sore until today – Wednesday. I could barely lift my arms overhead to demonstrate movements to patient. Lately my workouts have been consisting of 3-5 sets to fatigue with a goal of 10-15 reps. Because of the exercises are now “new” to my routine, they’re making me sore.

Friday was dedicated to Back
– Lat pull downs, SBT rows, SBT wide rows into External Rotation, Assisted pull-ups

Saturday was dedicated to Legs
– Back squat, GHD on the roman chair, single leg leg press

Sunday was dedicated to Chest
– SBT push-ups, SBT flies, modified push-ups (knees), different variations of crunches

I’d like to say that I stayed and stretch like I tell my patients to do, but I was done after these lifts. I did roll out on the foam roller later in the day.

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